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I've given credit to sources wherever they are known. However, it's been impossible to remember or retrace the sources of all non-original material on these pages. So if you happen to come across something here from your own web page, please e-mail me at and I'll be more than happy to give credit and/or add a link from this page to yours.

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Methos Methos Methos
The Methos timeline was adapted from the one on this page (I added a few more details as well as the dates of real historical events). Also included here are Syndicon photos and a list of Methos quotes.

Sara Armstrong's Late Night Ponderings
The quotes from Robert Heinlein's Lazarus Long used in "Great Drama" originated here.

Pookah's Highlander Page
Screen captures from "Chivalry," "Till Death," "The Valkyrie," "Revelation 6:8," "The Modern Prometheus" and "Archangel" originated here. Also at this site are screen captures of Duncan, Joe, Richie and Amanda.

Methosluvr's Methos Page
Screen captures and sounds from "Comes a Horseman," "Revelation 6:8," "Forgive Us Our Trespasses," "The Modern Prometheus," "Indiscretions," "To Be" and "Not to Be" originated here. Also at this site are screen captures from Peter Wingfield's other work: Men's Room, Soldier, Soldier, Crocodile Shoes and Noah's Ark.

Mostly Methos Image Gallery
Some of the screen captures from "Chivalry" and "Timeless" originated here.

Methos and Alexa
Some of the screen captures from "Timeless" originated here. A site dedicated to the romance between Adam and Alexa.

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