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Break out the opera CDs

Submitted by Dannell Lites

Runners up

Richie: Is it just me, or...?
Duncan: It's not just you. He did take the last beer.
(Jennah Bramei)

Richie: Mac, should we tell him he forgot to put on his pants?
Mac: Leave him alone, Richie. When they get that old they start to forget things.
(Ann Wortham)

And for Adrian Paul fans...

Richie: So he invented "katana space"?
Duncan: Yeah. Bet it hurt the first time!
(Marina Bailey)

They said you had a big one

Submitted by Sheila Watson

Runners up

Keane: Your Schwartz is bigger than my Schwartz.
Methos: It's not the size that counts, it's how you use it!
(This one was suggested by two people! WarAngel and Sarah)

Keane: I want to carve the turkey!
Methos: OK, but don't hog all the breast!
(Adrian Maudling)

Keane: Phew! Talk about chemical warfare!
Methos: Yak butter plays hell with the digestion....

Swatting flies

Submitted by Kelly

Runners up

Duncan: Do you have to do that on every one of Cassandra's properties?
Methos: What do you expect? Einstein? Freud? Buddha? I'm sorry, Mac, I gotta pee.

Duncan: A mob of women! What do they want?
Methos: Me, MacLeod.
(Maria B.)

Peter: C'mon, Adrian, sign the picture. I work with you, for crying out loud!
Adrian: Sorry, Peter, only PEACE merchandise.
(Kareem Dimashkie)

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