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3500 BCE - 0 CE
1 CE - 1994 CE
1995 CE - present
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The timeline contains events (and, needless to say, SPOILERS) from the following sources:

  • Highlander: The Series episodes
  • The Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM
  • The novels Scotland the Brave, Zealot and Captive Soul
  • The anthology An Evening at Joe's
  • The Methos Chronicles Flash animated series

BCE = Before Common Era (or BC)
CE = Common Era (or AD)

The original version of this Methos timeline was created by Fanomethos and can be found at the Methos Methos Methos web site. Thanks to Cindy Shettle for compiling the Watcher CD-ROM references.




The Watchers think I used the aliases Caratarix, Haribu, Et Maru and Metopholus at various times throughout history.
(Watcher Chronicles CD-ROM)


Before 1664 BCE

Spent some time in the company of savage nomads. They loved to ride their ponies over the Asiatic steppes at breakneck gallops.
(Captive Soul)


A few centuries before 1664 BCE

I used to know some Eastern tribesmen who drank from their enemies' skulls.
(Captive Soul)


Between 885 BCE and 34 CE

Spent a century as a Samaritan (and I wasn't that good at it).


Between 776 BCE and 1 BCE

I competed in the Olympics, running in the foot race between Marathon and Athens, or so I tell Richie.
("Pants"/Evening at Joe's)

Stupid kid. There was no marathon event in the Ancient Olympics.

Olympics Through Time
Where did the marathon come from?

After 1450 CE?

Made friends with a Watcher. He recorded our friendship in his private journal, which was subsequently filed as a fairy tale in an Italian library.
(Judgment Day)


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