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Is there a great website out there that I haven't discovered? Maybe it's yours? Tell me about it!

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My favorite Methos sites

A thoroughly biased selection of my favorite Methos sites:

Methos Boxer Brigade
A fan group dedicated to Methos'... erm... underwear. This site has cruise and con pics and transcripts, essays on many aspects of Methos-ology, and synopses of Methos episodes with tons of great screen captures (including, of course, pics of the aforementioned boxers). The site also has lots of screencaps from Peter's non-Highlander roles.

Pookkah's Highlander Page
Devoted to all characters, not just Methos. Has some of the best quality screen captures around, but visit often as the selection is changed and updated on a regular basis.

Methosluvr's Methos Page
It was offline for a while but it's back. And with tons of Methos screen captures from seasons 5-6 of Highlander, plus WAV files, Highlander publicity photos, and screen caps from Peter's non-Highlander works — Soldier Soldier, The Men's Room, Crocodile Shoes and Noah's Ark.

Katana... swish swish

Peter Wingfield / Methos fan sites

Carpe Methos
Lovely screencaps from the episodes "Methos" to "Forgive Us Our Trespasses."

Clones 'R' Us
Choose from among 22 cute clones of Methos (and several other Highlander characters).

Kat Troth's Highlander Page
Features sound files from Highlander Eurominutes, and Peter in Noah's Ark and The Archers as well as con pics, reports and fanfic.

Shakespeare & Co. Cellar
Visit the Archives for transcripts of Methos' scenes in several episodes.

Mostly Methos Image Gallery
Screen captures from "Chivalry" and "Timeless."

Peter's Portrait Page
Pictures from a private photo session a lucky fan got with Peter at Anglicon in April '97. Unfortunately, the scans are low-quality, but Peter still looks pretty cute!

Katana... swish swish

Peter Wingfield / Methos discussion lists & web boards

It seems like everyone is on YahooGroups these days. A search there will bring up lots of lists, but here are some of the more active ones:

new Fans For Methos Series
A forum for fans to organize a campaign for a live-action Methos TV series.

Methos Scrolls
Discussions about Methos and fan fiction. Slash friendly. Must be a member to view posts. This list also has a web board.

Got Methos
From the discription on the site: "This list is for disscussion of Methos, Highlander: The Series, Methos, Methos fanfic, Methos, Highlander fanfic, Methos, the Horsemen, and did I mention Methos?" Posts are publicly archived.

Unofficial Peter Wingfield Appreciation Guild
Discussions on Peter's career. Posts are publicly archived.

Peter Wingfield list
Originally started to discuss the series Cold Squad, but is now a general Peter Wingfield list. Adult list. Must be a member to view posts.

A web board, not a mailing list.

Katana... swish swish

Peter Wingfield / Methos fan groups

Peter Wingfield Fan Club (PWFC)
Peter's official fan club.

Unofficial Peter Wingfield Appreciation Guild (UPWAG)
Another fan organization.

Methos Harem
Self-explanatory! A group of Methos-lovers who support each other in fan-related creative endeavors (e.g. fanfic).

AOL fans of blue-faced Methos.

Clan MacCasa
New name and site for Casa de Methos.

Katana... swish swish

Official sites

Highlander: The Official Site
Maintained by Davis/Panzer, the company that produces Highlander: The Series. Includes information on the series (including Raven) and the movies, and the official Highlander store.

Alternative place for getting official Highlander merchandise. They carry lots more than what's on their website so phone and ask about anything you don't see on the site.

Website for Roger Bellon, Highlander series composer. The Highlander - A Celtic Opera CD recounts a brand-new Duncan MacLeod adventure, completely in song.

Queen of Swords
Official site for the new TV series.

Paramount's Queen of Swords site
Has some gorgeous pictures of Dr. Helm!

Katana... swish swish

Highlander cast & crew sites

Official Adrian Paul site at CelebrityBlvd.com
Adrian goes corporate. This is the new "professional" home for Adrian's official fan club, PEACE. Beware. They kill you with useless Flash animations. But at least they have nice pics.

Jim Byrnes Fan Club
Jim's official fan club.

Jim Byrnes Appreciation Page
A wonderful and very thorough website dedicated to all aspects of Jim's career, both on screen and in music. Includes screen captures and sound bites of dialogue and music.

Stan Kirsch's Official Website

Elizabeth Gracen's Official Website
Skip the useless Flash intro unless you're really into butterflies. Once inside, it's elegant and beautiful (much like Elizabeth!) and Elizabeth writes a lot of the content herself.

Valentine Pelka Fan Club (Kronos)
Valentine's official fan club. The club also runs a mailing list that is open to both members and non-members.

Revellers of Richard Ridings (Silas)
Official fan club for Richard.

Unofficial Richard Ridings Web Page

Marcus Testory Appreciation Society (Caspian)
Official fan club for Marcus Testory.

Mother's Torch
An environmental organization created by Marcus Testory's band M.E.L.T. (Mother Earth Love Truth).

Anthony De Longis' Official Website
Anthony played Otavio Consone in the episode "Duende." Learn more about Anthony, his "action" classes, his fan club or drop him an e-mail.

Gillian Horvath's Homepage
Gillian is a former Highlander writer who has also written for Baywatch and Xena: Warrior Princess.

Katana... swish swish

Highlander fan sites

new Highlander: The Series
A fantastic general info site. There's the usual stuff on the cast and characters, but also info on guest stars and merchandise (books, CDs, videos, cards); a date/location timeline for Duncan, Methos, Amanda and Fitz; an episode guide; lyrics to songs featured in Highlander; trivia; conventions; links; and mini-sites on the animated series, The Raven and The Methos Chronicles.

Highlander Fan Central
Unoffical but they are in contact with Highlander producers.

new Highlander: The Legend Continues Audio Drama
The series continues... unofficially. Download MP3s of this fan-created radio play.

There Can Only Be One
Features "Episode of the Week" (a review of past episodes with pics), a desktop calendar with a great HL photo to download each month, and a fantastic Four Horseman screensaver. This site also has sixth season Paris set pics (taken when the fan saw filming during his visit to Paris).

new Jinjifore's Highlander Transcripts
Transcripts and detailed synopses for several Highlander episodes.

new Janeen's Highlander Timeline
Starts in 1518, when Connor was born, goes through the end of the sixth season and includes dates from the show, the calendar, the Watchers CD-ROM and the novels, all annotated so you can ignore whatever you don't consider canon.

The Highlander Watcher Chronicles
A huge Watchers database of known Immortals — names, pics, bios. Has not been updated in ages, but still has lots of info.

The Highlander Sword Shopper's Guide
Everything you would ever want to know about Highlander swords, where to find the best replicas and how to spot cheap knockoffs. Also check out this site for tons of spoof photos. See Duncan team up with Mr. Bean. See Duncan battle Barney the purple dinosaur. See lots of mock magazine covers featuring the Highlander men in sexy attire (or lack of attire...).

Highlander Realm
Screencaps and info from Highlander, organized by location (e.g. Dojo in Seacouver, Barge in Paris).

Janine & Kathi's Excellent Adventure
Two fans go to Vancouver and scout out Highlander filming locations.

The Thistle and Joe Virtual Scottish Pub
Come on in and grab a beer. This site has a ton of links related to Highlander (and others not related, but still amusing).

Highlander gaming

Highlander RPG
Description from the webmaster: "Role play Highlander! Partake in trivia, contests, and more!"

Do you play the computer game The Sims? Would you like to turn your Sims into Highlander characters? A fan has created skins for the game of all major Highlander characters, including Methos!

new Pookkah's Sims Page
More Highlander Sims. Includes Sims of Methos with short hair, Methos with medium-length hair, Bronze Age Methos, Connor, Joe, Duncan with loose hair, Duncan with ponytail, Amanda and Richie. There are also Sims of Valentine Pelka (Kronos) and Marcus Testory (Caspian) — the actors, not their characters — trenchcoats for Sims to hide their swords in, and furniture for Duncan's loft. But someone needs to tell Pookkah to get Methos out of that blue plaid shirt!

Highlander articles

new Romance and magic are eternal
Interview with David Abramowitz, Highlander's Creative Consultant (head writer) on the Romance Reader site. The interview is also located  here.

new Highlander's Final Fling
A fan posted the text of this retrospective on Highlander's six seasons which originally appeared in Dreamwatch magazine.

Queen of Swords fan sites

Queen of Swords Fan Central
From the folks who bring you Highlander Fan Central.

Methos Boxer Brigade's Queen of Swords
Updated regularly with QoS news. Includes a station guide.

Manzana Core
Dr. Helm site with quotes, synopses and fan fiction.

new Doctor Helm Whack Tracker
Where I lovingly note how many times the Queen of Swords' favorite whipping boy has been whacked, slapped, socked, punched... er, you get the idea...

Queen of Swords
YahooGroups mailing list. Discussions on the series, but there's a large contingent of Peter Wingfield fans on the list.

At the Helm
YahooGroups mailing list. Discussions about Peter's Queen of Swords character, Dr. Robert Helm.

Katana... swish swish


For information on cons Peter is attending and links to websites with con reports and pics, see the Conventions page on the Peter Wingfield website.

Katana... swish swish

Links & archives

Quinks Links
Lots and lots of links, organized by categorgy (actors, characters, etc.) and updated regularly.

Highlander Web Ring Index
Handy listing of all the sites on the Highlander web ring.

Unofficial Highlander WWW, FTP and HLFIC-L Archive Site
Just what it says!

Katana... swish swish

Tangentially related to Peter / Methos & Highlander

Shakespeare & Co.
Take a virtual tour of the real store in Paris.

The Wingfield Family Society
Not a Highlander or Peter Wingfield page. Just a curiosity — I was amazed that there is actually an organization for people with that last name! And with their own domain name too!

Clan MacLeod
Another family history site — this time from the real Clan MacLeod.

Cusco - Ring of the Dolphin
Music group Cusco has a song called "Methos" on their Ring of the Dolphin CD. An MP3 excerpt of the song is available. And what does this ode to our ROG sound like? Bland New Age music unfortunately...

new Methos Maintenance Management Information System
Perhaps the most bizarre reference to our favorite Immortal — IBM mainframe software! They actually claim: "Whether you currently know a lot about or are looking for information on METHOS, see what we have to offer. Most people don't know the first thing about METHOS. We do." Even more insulting, they trademarked the name METHOS. How dare they! Then again, in "The Messenger" Methos did say about his name: "Well, it's not like it's got a patent or anything."

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