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The Methos Chronicles is online!


Methos Chronicles screencap 3
Third attempt. Now this is more like it!
Woo-hoo! (click to see larger image)

NOTE: TheMethosChronicles.net is no longer online. The URL now redirects you to the official Highlander site.

The Methos Chronicles Official Fan Website is online at www.TheMethosChronicles.net. The animated series isn't available yet but there are photos of Peter recording his voiceover from October 2000, a message board where you can leave your thoughts, and a new drawing of animated Methos, which is much improved no more flying swords and animated-GIF overkill!

Extra-long eyebrow and muddy skin color aside, it's a much better likeness! And the new graphic confirms that the Methos Chronicles will be a Flash animated series. But it's not "coming in February" anymore. Oh well, good things come to those who wait... and wait...

If you want to give Flash a try on your computer before the Methos Chronicles debuts, check out some of the animated series currently running on the Sci-Fi Channel's site: www.scifi.com/sfpresents/weekly/

Previous drawings are below.

Methos Chronicles screencap 2
The second attempt is supposed to be
BETTER, guys! (click to see larger image)

The PWFC has confirmed that Peter did (as in past tense!) record the voiceover for The Methos Chronicles sometime in 2000.

I received an e-mail from a Davis-Panzer representative confirming that the Internet series is for real and that Josh Davis is the project head. The current site is just a development site, but Davis-Panzer have reserved the following URLs for some future use:

www.methoschronicles.com and
www.methoschronicles.net (which will probably point to the dotcom site)

There's just a Network Solutions "under construction" page there now, but bookmark it for the future!

Methos Chronicles screencap 1
First attempt (click to see larger image)


While checking out domain names that contain "methos" in the name, www.TheMethosChronicles.net popped up. At that URL was what appeared to be a prototype design calling itself "Highlander: The Official Site" and advertising "an animated Highlander Internet series featuring the voice of Peter Wingfield... Coming in February"!

(They changed the page to a plain white one directing fans to www.highlander-official.com, but if you look REALLY closely at the page, you can find a tiny link that will take you into the site to a spash page with a huge logo that takes ages to download if you don't have a high-speed connection. Then they changed it back to a regular splash page again. Seems like it's changing daily! They also changed some of the graphics, replacing static graphics with an extremely annoying blinking background and a sword that continually ZOOMS across the screen, definitely driving home that the site is "in development"!)

TheMethosChronicles.net domain name was registered by Josh Davis, son of Peter Davis, who is the Davis in Davis-Panzer Productions, the owners of the Highlander franchise. The address in the domain name record is Davis-Panzer's Los Angeles office. The site also contains graphics and content duplicated or derived from the current official Highlander site, including an identical ad for the upcoming Highlander: Endgame DVD, which means that the site was put up (or updated) recently.

On the one hand, I and many other fans would listen to Peter read the phone book and have been dreaming about him doing an audiobook reading for a while now. Voiceover is the next best thing. On the other hand, while animated Methos is better than no Methos, I can't help but shudder remembering the last time someone thought a cartoon Highlander would be cool. The sample drawing on the site, while stylized, somehow doesn't seem CUTE enough. I always pictured a cartoon Methos as Japanese anime in style — and I don't mean Pokémon, but something more like this:

Click to see larger image

But with a larger nose, of course!

Meanwhile, on the alt.tv.highlander newsgroup, Gillian Horvath, former Highlander staffer and editor of An Evening at Joe's, confirmed that the animated series is for real.

Updated 14 July 2001

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