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Friends like these


This is my late ex-friend Kronos. He was into domination (of me and the world in general). But he did have a way with words, not to mention a one-track mind:

A man of few words, and amazingly, they have more than one syllable.

Kronos: A dozen times I tried to take up the old ways. I failed. The others I rode with were trash. Scum. I had no one to plan my raids, no one who understood the true use of terror. (Comes a Horseman)

Kronos: The freedom! The power! Riding out of the sun knowing that you're the most terrifying thing that they've ever seen. Knowing that their weapons and their gods are useless against you. That you're the last thing they'll ever see. (Comes a Horseman)

Kronos: What better time for us to come together than in the scientific age? Just think of what men like us can do. Men without conscience, without fear. Think of the destruction. The devastation. The death. A world of anarchy and madness. Now you think of that. And dream. (Revelation 6:8)

Kronos: Once we rode out of the sun bringing death at the point of a sword. There was no man and no immortal who could stand before us. We were death on horseback. They called us the end of the world. Well, gentlemen, I want to give them what they fear most the apocalypse. (Revelation 6:8)

Kronos: I shouldn't be surprised you're still alive... You weren't the strongest or the toughest, but you were the survivor. It's what you do best. Or did. (Comes a Horseman)

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