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Language lessons

"Beer, please!"

Never be far away from beer, no matter where in the world you are, with these translations. If you can contribute more languages, send your additions or corrections to me at

Afrikaans: Drink 'n bier (drink a beer) or Wat van 'n bier (how about a beer).

Arabic (Egyptian): Beera, men fadluk (phonetic pronunciation).

Bulgarian: Edna bira, molia.

Cantonese: Bay-jow, Mm-goy.

Croatian: Daj mi pivu pronounced "dai me pivu."

Czech: Pivo, prozim (phonetic pronunciation).

Dutch: Een biertje, alstublieft.

Filipino: Isa ngang beer (literally, "one beer"). You can order the #1 brand of beer in the Philippines, San Miguel, by saying San miguel nga.

Finnish: Olut, olkaa hyvä.

French: Une bière, s'il vous plait.

Gaelic (Irish): Ba mhaith beoir, le do thoil. Other possible variations include asking not for beer (beoir), but more specifically for stout (leann), or simply "a pint" (pionta).

Gaelic (Scots): Pinnt leann, ma 'se do thoil e.

German: Ein Bier, bitte.

Greek (ancient): Aiteo te didonai me oinon krithinon pronounced "Itao tay deadòni may oinòn crithinòn" means literally "I beg you to give me a beer." Or try Didou me oinon krithinon ("Gimme a beer!") pronounced "Deadoo may oinòn crithinón" if you prefer the language of that alternate universe version of myself that Duncan dreamed up!

Greek (modern): Bira, parakalo. You can also order a specific popular brand of Greek beer by saying "A Mythos, please!"

Hebrew: Bira, bvakesha.

Hungarian: Egy sört kérek! Or if you want to serve beer (and if you do, come visit me!), Igyál egy sört! means "Have a beer!"

Italian: Una birra, per favore.

Japanese: Biru onegai-shimasu pronounced "beeru oh-nay-guy shi-mass."

Latin: Da quaeso cervisiam or Dato (quaeso) cervisiam if you really want to stress the "give" in "give me a beer"!

Portugese: Cerveja, por favor.

Russian: Piva pazhalusta.

Spanish: Cervesa, por favor.

Swedish: En öl tack. (Literally, "One beer, please.")

Welsh: (1) Cwrw i fi, os gwelwch yn dda. Cwrw is "beer", os gwelwch is a very polite "please." Approximate pronunciation: "Cooroo ee vee, ohss gooelooch uhn thah."
(2) Un cwrw, os gwelwch yn dda. Approximate pronunciation: "Een cooroo, ohss gooelooch uhn thah."

Compiled by ROG listmembers: Sharon, Tiffany, Fionabair, Helen, Barb, Cassidy, Rachel, Dvorah, Maya, Rie, Stark, Beth, Raven and Dianne. Additions and corrections: Ana Carolina, Corky, Erique, Lena, Lucy, Kata Kovács, Lynette Kotze, Diana Rosenhagen, Astor Salvador, Selene.

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