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Language lessons

"There can be only one"

Lena wrote: "In Russian 'there can be only one' is 'dolzhen ostatsa tol'ko adin.'"

Is this another linguistic throwing down of the glove? Here are some more translations of that famous phrase — famous with MacLeod, that is. I actually prefer the lesser known adjunct: There can only be a bunch! (A big bunch, and I don't mean bananas.)

If you can contribute more languages, send your additions to me at

Bulgarian: Moje da ima samo edin.

Danish: Der kan kun være en!

Dutch: Er kan er maar een zijn.

French: Il ne doit en rester qu'un.

German: Es kann nur einen geben.

Hungarian: Csak egy maradhat!

Italian: Ce ne può essere solo uno or Puo rimanere solo uno.

Latin: Potest esse unus.

Portugese: Só pode haver um or No fim só pode haver um for "In the end there can be only one."

Romanian: Nu poate ramane decat unul.

Russian: Dolzhen ostatsa tol'ko adin.

Spanish: Solo puede haber uno.

Swedish: Det kan bara finnas en. (Literally, "There can only be one.")

Additions and corrections: Tina Bayer, Katja Boysen, Corky, Diana, Xeyra Dragonblade, Maya Gussmann, Marcelo, Marcelo Arco e Flexa Machado, Kata, Kovács, Lucy, Alice Montrose and Lucia, Nico, Silvia Patricia Gonzales Rodriguez, SnK.

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