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Door decorating

Every year, MediaWest holds a Door Decorating contest with prizes given to those who come up with the most creative ways of beautifying the hotel room doors (and halls, in some cases). Naturally, Star Wars was a popular theme this year, but Immortals weren't left out of the game...

Look who's 5000...

Someone threw a 5000th birthday party for our favorite old guy. The sign above the table says "Look who's 50" with a couple extra zeros added on by the party hostesses.

Even Joe's gets into the act...

Close-up of the door

The big five-oh... oh oh...

Close-up of the table. Nice details with the wheel and the tombstone, with a few swords and beer bottles thrown in for good measure.

Free souvenir of your own Quickening!Best of all, nobody has to lose their head!

At last, what we've all been waiting for — a do-it-yourself Quickening! Complete with katana and artfully arranged headless corpse. Door created by Sophia Mulvey, Karen Travers and Sue Glasgow.

Insert thunder and lightning here.

Of course, Ye Webmaster had to try it out for herself...

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