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Tarot card reading

What does the stars hold for Methos? The Horsechicks of the Apocalypse decided to find out and placed the results of a Tarot card reading on their hotel room door for passers-by. Here's what it said...

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Reading for Adam Pierson/Methos

Five of Cups (reversed)

The querant is encountering people from his past with whom he must reconcile, or at least come to terms. Positions must be made clear. Love is a possibility, but he must take care not to send confusing signals.

Four of Wands (reversed)

The querant's progress, however, will be delayed. Uncertainty blocks his path more than any visible foe.

The Sun (reversed)

The querant's overhanging mood is one of confusion and suspicion, having suffered broken promises and betrayal. He has endured much unhappiness and loss, and now simulates appreciation and enjoyment of the world around him without quite feeling it.

Three of Swords

The querant's foundation repeats the theme of broken promises. An alliance has collapsed, leaving him to flounder in the wreckage. Alienation. Disorientation. Mistakes made amidst confusion. Disappointment and a shattered heart.

Page of Swords

In the querant's past, we have shady dealings, but ones that lead to insight. There is a clever spy, an inconspicuous witness to important events. He observes what is around him without revealing his own motives. While the information he received his useful, he now no longer has immediate access to it.

The Devil (reversed)

The querant's future is very different from his past. He is no longer troubled by money or greed. However, there is a warning of a potentially dangerous situation that will require resources outside of himself to overcome.

Eight of Cups

The opposing forces that lead the querant to ask for a reading manifest in a change of plans. More, the abandoning of a path. He leaves behind former friends to follow a higher path.

Knight of Wands (reversed)

The querant's environment is one of conflict. Those around him have no focus, and succumb to all temptations. Discord. The loss of a relationship.

Five of Wands

The querant's environment manifests itself again in his hopes and fears. Conflict, tension, strong competition makes for a lengthy struggle. Although he might fear the challenge, he hopes to learn from past mistakes. Unfulfilled desires fuel upheaval and conflict.

Ten of Swords

The final card in the querant's reading harks back to his future card: Destruction, annihilation, defeat and ruin. A showdown. However, as this card is ruled by the Wheel of Fortune, the inevitable exhaustion of a cycle gives way to a new era. This is the lowest point, but change will come.

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