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Yes, I redesigned things again... because who can resist a guy who not only looks good in long hair and makeup ("Comes a Horsemen/Revelation 6:8"), but who still manages to look manly in pink?! Ahem.

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The show may have ended in 1998, but like those pesky Immortals, it refuses to die! Check out the latest news below or view an index of all news stories. Peter Wingfield news is on the site.

The Methos ChroniclesView the episodes on iFilm and leave comments to show your support! Check out the polls below to see what other fans thought of this Flash animated series.

Highlander new series and film rumor roundup (updated 15 July 2001)

Fans for a Methos TV series campaign (updated 15 July 2001)

More Reunion con guests added (updated 14 July 2001)

The Methos Chronicles on iFilm (updated 14 July 2001)

More on Highlander, the online game (updated 22 June 2001)

Methos Collectors Package (2 May 2001)

Best of Highlander on DVD (1 May 2001)

Endgame DVD Easter eggs (16 March 2001)


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Methos Chronicles Flash animated series

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All about Methos, written by Methos

24 June 2001 — Find out the answer to Caspian's question "what's best with rodent — red or white?" in Bronze Age chefs. Learn some Latin in Miscellany. Well, kind of.

22 June 2001 — Updated the Methos timeline with events from The Methos Chronicles Flash series.

Dialogue transcripts, pics & WAVs

24 June 2001 — Solved some ambiguous dialoge in The Methos Chronicles transcript. It's now complete! Added more behind-the-scenes trivia to Chivalry and Comes a Horseman and trivia to Timeless.

22 June 2001 — Transcript of Methos' scenes in Endgame and The Methos Chronicles Flash series.

The zipped WAV file (783 KB) of the "Comes a Horseman" Jimmy scene can now be downloaded — just right-click on the link and select "Save As."

Fan fiction, humor, art, con reports

30 Jul 1999 — Methos at MediaWest con: If you like Adam's Photo Album, check out MediaWest's Methos party posters. Also, see the results of a Tarot card reading for Methos.

24 June 2001 — Updated the Links page on this site.

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