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Ask Methos

Shish-kabob for supper?

You seem like a good man. Lived a couple lives... seen a few things here and there... Tell us one thing: Where do Immortals hide their swords???
Joe and Tessa

Under our long coats. And what about the times Duncan wore that short leather jacket? I guess Duncan's sword is just... smaller than mine.

Or would you believe we have special sword pockets with holes that open into a parallel dimension on a planet whose name we are forbidden to say? (I'll give you a hint — it starts with a "Z.")

(right) My long sword (late 13th century design) and long coat.

What is your favorite color?
Ariana and Katherine

Gray. Read into that what you will. (Yes, art students, I know gray technically isn't a color, but this is my web page. I can say what I like on it.) My second-favorite is blue.

Boxers for breakfast?

I think the most appealing part of your anatomy is your butt! How do you keep it in such good shape?
Dannell Lites

I have a lot of practice butting into other people's business. :::sigh::: I suppose this is a step up from the toe thing?

(right) Gratuitous butt shot. Happy now?

Methos, will you marry me?
Erin English (and several others)

See that, MacLeod? And you had the nerve to look shocked at the thought of 68 women marrying me... Erin, I don't know you. Granted, that was a technicality back in Ancient Greece, but I'd like to think we're living in slightly more enlightened times now. Slightly.

However, that said, it would be nice to find someone who doesn't care what my toes look like, what my butt looks like and, for that matter, what my nose looks like. Someone who won't hate me for my past, but who also won't expect me to bring out that part of myself for her amusement, because while I carry my past with me, it's not who I am now. But I don't expect to find someone like that for, oh, another 10 lifetimes or so.

Beer... anytime!

(right) Old habits die hard: I still love beer — and hate roughing it.

There has been some debate about this and I would like to put an end to it once and for all — 5000 years ago were you Greek or Egyptian, and from what culture is the name Methos?
Melody Chaffin

The earliest culture I can remember being a part of is Sumerian (from Sumer, the area known as Kuwait today). Besides inventing writing and the concept of city-states, we (Sumerian civilization) had high-rise buildings, streets, marketplaces, schools, temples, metalurgy, medicine, surgery, textile making, gourmet food, agriculture, irrigation, international trade, music, zoos, warfare, kings and courts. And beer. We loved beer. We even had a goddess of brewing (Ninkasi).

I think I was a slave in my pre-Immortal life. I can't remember. It's just a feeling. Sometimes I have dreams — the kind where you can't tell whether it's your imagination or some long-forgotten memory. I try not to think about it too much.

As for the name "Methos," I don't know. I have no recollection of the Sumerian language or even if my name is derived from that or some earlier tongue. It's a dead language now with no modern descendents, so relatively little of its vocabulary is known.

So now that the series is over — where do you and Duncan go from here?

Hopefully not where MacLeod's relationships usually end up — in bed or dead. Or in bed then dead. As for dead then in bed, I hope the person in question is Immortal. Otherwise, that's another quaint Highland custom I'd rather not know about.

Methos P.I.

(right) Methos & Joe: Watcher FBI? The Methos Mysteries?

What would you do if you had your own show?
Helene Alcuri

Hire that Peter Wingfield guy to play me. Beyond that...

First Episode: Some mysterious Immortal goes after Cassandra's head — and gets it. (MacLeod? Don't you still owe me for that de Valicourt thing?)

Second Episode: MacLeod guest-stars and admits that he's wrong. It ends with Mac uttering the immortal (pardon the pun) words: "I'm sorry, Methos. You were right. You are so wise. I should have listened to you."

Third Episode: I rejoin the Watchers, am assigned to work with Joe, and get to hang out in his bar all day.

I could get used to this...

Where have you been lately (in the sixth season)? You're never around and no one has even asked where you are.

I left to rediscover the joys of yak butter. As for no one asking about me, well, see Friends Like These...

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