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Ask Methos

Methos — what's in a name? Everything! Right. If I would ever get the chance to meet you or MacLeod, I wouldn't waste another thought on the Highlander! And that has nothing to do with what's in the next sentences. (Now comes the flattery you've asked for.) I don't think I have to repeat all the compliments that have been made about your physique, but the first thing I noticed about you are your eyes. As deep and rich as your past! One could easily get lost in them. Enough flattery?

I can't believe it! Joe sank my battleship!

(right) The eyes have it???

One thing that didn't let me get a rest after that nasty incident with Ahriman: You are at least 5000 years old — why did the idea of a paranormal phenomenon like a demon seem so absurd to you? 'Cause that's exactly how you reacted on Richie's surprisingly insightful train of thought. You didn't even consider it a possibility! What's one of your favorite sayings: The alternative is unthinkable! The alternative of MacLeod going insane from one day to the other is even more absurd! You should have known that. I know you're not omniscient, and Sight is more Cassandra's specialty, but did you have to leave Duncan alone? Just a guy, eh? You didn't get to live 5000 years by worrying about anyone but yourself, yes, but you sure didn't get to live that long by being blind to the obvious! It was obvious that your friend needed help with whatever was torturing him! Just: why?
Susanne Launhardt

Ah, how much time have I got?

Why is the idea of paranormal phenomena absurd to me? The Babylonians believed that demons could be conjured with spells. The Egyptians believed that when you die, you go to an afterlife that looks exactly like this one. The Greek gods were a big bickering family that couldn't find anything better to do with their immortality than meddle in the affairs of mortals. In the middle ages, alchemists tried to turn lead into gold.

She was a horrid mother-in-law too.

(right) The Babylonian demon goddess of death and disease.

I have seen so many different beliefs. I have believed in so many different things — and watched them fade to obscurity with time. How do you stay sane when your faith goes out of fashion every few hundred years? Or worse, is proven to be absolutely, incontrovertibly wrong?

I trust what I can see, hear, touch and prove. Does this mean I don't believe there is any world beyond the physical? No, there very well may be — why do Immortals exist, what are Dark Quickenings, and what is the Prize, really, for example. But supernatural mumbo-jumbo is not the first straw I will grasp at when I run into something I can't easily explain.

MacLeod wants to put right all of the world's wrongs. He feels that responsibility for every life he saves — and every life he doesn't. And he carries that responsibility — that burden — every single day. Why is it so hard to believe that he can have a nervous breakdown? Especially when the "fantasy" he was endorsing made him the ultimate do-gooder — a champion destined to save the world from an ancient, unspeakable evil.

How did MacLeod defeat Ahriman in the end? Was there some vast battle to end all battles? No, he had to look within himself and find inner peace. He fought Ahriman by learning not to fight, which is what I was trying to tell him from the start. If Mac had resisted looking for Babylonian demons and swinging his sword at dead enemies, and instead examined his own psychology and motivations, he would have figured out how to fight Ahriman a lot sooner, and perhaps Richie wouldn't have died.

Why did I leave Mac when he needed help? I didn't get to be 5000 years old by trying to change people who didn't want to change. I told Mac what I thought. He could have either taken my advice or worked things out for himself. He chose the latter. And he chose to leave first — he went into seclusion in a monastery for a year. All I decided was not to hang around Paris waiting for him to come back — that's Joe's job.

That's the last time I eat beans on an empty stomach.

(right) There can be only one.

Do you really believe that in the end, "there can only be one"? I mean, say that one is you (which is most likely anyways), won't you feel a little bit bored and lonely? There aren't any Immortals left to manipulate, or anyone that can even slightly relate to your situation of being 5000 years old. You won't have any Immortal friends to talk about Immortal issues with. I'm quite aware you're not the chatterbox type but still, don't you think it would be very lonely to be the only Immortal left? Say there's only two left — you and Duncan — and you two are the good buddies that you are now. Would you try to live in peace with him and not be tempted to take his head (which everyone knows you can do effortlessly)?

Do I believe "there can only be one"? No, there doesn't have to be only one, but enough Immortals have bought into the Game that it probably won't end until there is only one. It's sort of a self-fullfilling prophecy.

Would I feel bored and lonely if there were no other Immortals? Maybe, but the tradeoff (no complete strangers coming after my head) might just be worth it.

Would I take Duncan's head if he and I were the only Immortals left? Only if he tried to take mine first.

Dearest adorable Methos, I was wondering who your first teacher was; who told you what you are and taught you the rules of the Game? Surely you could not have forgotten your very first teacher?

Of course not. His Quickening was great.

Adam, how did you go from being so bad to being soooo... very GOOD?
Tabitha Ammons

Who says I'm good?

I wouldn't want her for an in-law either.

(right) Legendary Celtic warrior queen Bodicea — the world's oldest Immortal?

A friend of mine is really in to all that Watcher stuff. She's been asking around at one of the headquarter sites and she says that there is another famed Immortal who is about 30,000 years old. That means she would have been around when the cave paintings in France were made (I know my art history). What would you do if you ran into an Immortal that old, especially since she's a woman? I heard she used to be a soldier of the republic of Ireland, as well (when the fighting began). Do you suppose Duncan knows her?

"Especially since she's a woman"? You mean, do I date older women? I would surreptitiously start some rumors that there's a 30,000-year old Immortal walking around out there. With any luck, nutcases following in Kalas' footsteps will target her instead of me!

As for if Duncan knows her, that's quite possible. I suspect that Duncan has "known" more women in his short 400 years than I have in my 5000!

Methos correct me if I'm wrong, but Duncan almost beheaded you in two episodes ("Methos" and "Deliverance" — three if you count the fencing match in "Chivalry"). He nearly got you beheaded by Gina in "Till Death." He vowed to track you down and kill you at the end of "Comes A Horseman," after trashing your friendship on Cassandra's say-so. And, even at his best, he ridiculed you at every opportunity. I'm confused. Why do you want to be friends with this guy?

Mac contemplates making haggis for supper. Don't do it, MacLeod!Ah... his fridge is well-stocked?

(right) There's always something to drink at Duncan's.

How come you and Duncan are always fighting?

He starts it.

Does Cassandra still want to kill you?
Maddie Bromwich

I don't think so — she had her chance. Then again, at the time Mac was standing there yelling, "Don't do it!" I'd rather not tempt fate and run into her again.

You've known a lot of women in your time and have had lots of sexual experiences. So, do you wish Amanda could date? And would you want to date her?

Amanda would have been a great diversion — several hundred years ago. These days? No, I have no desire to date her. I just like to yank MacLeod's chain (it's so easy, and it's fun!). Amanda and I are just friends.

Amanda shows she can swing a sword without bursting out of her bustier.

Will you ever go visit Amanda in Paris?
Sandra Storm

Not while she's hanging out with a mortal who likes to go around shooting and beheading Immortals who rub him the wrong way. What? Is whatshisname an Immortal now? All the more reason to give those two a wide berth...

(right) Amanda and her new pet.


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