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Ask Methos

Let's get all the love, sex and marriage questions over with... (Just what goes on in the minds of you people?!)

You have hundreds of thousands of fans across the world who are devoted to your being and literally love you. What do you say about all that?
Highlander Sarah


My harem.

What do you think of all this adoration you're getting from thousands of women? What do you think of your harem? You are aware that you have an online harem, right? Dedicated to writing poetry and singing your praises. And also, girls signing up to be your secret wives? (Sort of like a waiting list, I suppose.) Are you flattered or... vaguely frightened? ;-)
Sorcha Dee (I live to serve... well, you)

You live to serve me? Well... I'll have a draft beer and some New York Fries. Easy on the gravy. As for your question... "vaguely frightened" about sums it up. Especially of those women who want to revive the Horsemen. It's hard to remain inconspicuous when there's a harem singing about me across the Internet. Then again, it's nice having more websites than MacLeod.

I'm confused, if you're supposed to be so wise, why in the world would you have been married 68 times? Seems Duncan has been wiser than you there...


Since you've had 68 wives, who could you say gave you the most grief?

Why do you both think I was unhappily married? I had 68 wives, not 68 ex-wives. I thought women preferred men who were willing to make a commitment. That said, wife #38 was slightly put out when I told her I had been married 37 times before. However, she began to see the advantages of having an Immortal husband after I let her kill me a few times...

Now, where did I put my sweater?

Methos, what kind of woman would it take to become wife #69?
Ilse, Inge and Manuella

Are you triplets? I have these two friends, we're all currently single...

(right) I live to serve you... tea.

I was reading the Ask Methos section (duh!) and I saw where someone asked you to marry her, and you said you would when you found someone who didn't care about your past, what you looked like, and wouldn't make you bring out the, uh, Bronze Age side of you for her personal entertainment. I have just one thing to say... You've found that woman!

How are you at mending socks? Do you have a home brewery?

No, no, no, I won't let you cut my hair again.

I was pondering, have you ever had any male lovers? (Duncan, Kronos, Byron?)

Too scared to leave your name? What are you afraid of — the question or the answer? Here it is then: Byron was one. Brief, torrid and tempestuous. Then he dumped me for his pet goat, Gertrude.

(right) Byron and I — we, ahem, made music together.

What happened to Cassandra the Witch? I know she made one appearance and as I have not been able to watch the final two years of the series, I am wondering.
Geoff K.

I really really don't know or care to know the answer to that one. But if you insist, picture this newspaper headline: Ex-lover holds grudge for 3000 years.

Why do you wear sweaters all the time? You have such a great body, why hide it?
Silver Moon

So that Immortals coming after my head will underestimate my strength and skill. The drawback to that, of course, is that some will come after my head just because they think I'm easy pickings. That's where my big sword comes in handy...

I think you missed a spot shaving this morning.

Sometimes big sweaters can fool people...

Is that a sword in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

... Sometimes they can't.

Between your feet and your nose, I was just wondering if you are... equally proportioned?

No, I'm not. I leave it to you to figure out whether that means proportionately larger or smaller.

Do you like spam or any other meat byproduct? (hot dogs, sausage, fingers)

Hot dogs? Sausage? Fingers? Is that a Freudian question?

Perhaps she should be wearing a sweater?

Please, O Wise One, answer my question. What was your favorite woman in history? Aphrodite? Helen of Troy? Amanda? I know Helen didn't have that great a face, etc., and that you're rather fond of Amanda yourself, but is there a favorite? Pray tell, who might she be?

I don't have one favorite, but the ones I have loved most were never written about in the history books, and more often than not, walked unnoticed among their contemporaries as well. Women who appear most unremarkable oftentimes have the greatest beauty of the soul. The people hardest to get to know are often the ones most worth knowing. Then again, there's Horton... not much to look at and, without a doubt, not worth knowing.

(right) I never met Aphrodite, but I wish I had...

I would like to know if Methos has ever dated an Immortal or married an Immortal. If so, is she still alive? If she is alive, why is she not with you right now? Did something happen to you two? Do you still talk to her also?
Krista Cox

I've dated Immortals on occasion (and usually lived to regret it) but never married one. As far as I know, none of them are still alive, except Cassandra — but I would hardly call what we did "dating."

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