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Ask Methos

Where were you born?
Tess Olsson


Oh, geez, there's so much I want to know. Well, I guess I'll start with something a bit easier than most. How in the world did you die?
Justine Barrett

My birth and first death? I don't remember. I just don't. I don't remember anything before taking my first head. I have vague impressions, but that's all. No concrete memories.

In all the different societies you have seen, which do you believe has the best literature?
Alexis Ryan Stephens

The potential to create great art isn't limited to certain types of cultures. (I found that in a fortune cookie.)

After all the years you have been alive, all the people you have known that have passed away, doesn't being Immortal get a little lonely, or maybe just a little bit boring? Has there ever been an Immortal that commited suicide from lack of entertainment?
Elizabeth Wilton

And that floor was HARD too.

Not me. I'm easily amused. I have noticed, however, that others start mentioning suicide more frequently whenever I say the words, "Y'know, back in the old days, when I was two thousand or so..." I can't imagine why. In fact, I remember one time I was in Amphipolis, 475 BC... Mac? Mac? Wake up!

(right) I hate dying.

If one day you loose your head (I honestly hope that it won't happen for a long time, but say you do), who do you hope you will loose it to?
Karin Borst

I've never really considered that question. I'd rather not begin now either. To be honest (what are you laughing at, Joe?), I don't care who takes my head. I would only care that it's taken!

Connor prepares to face Wile E. Coyote.

What would you do if you and Connor MacLeod were the last? We all know you are better... but after all, he has dibs on the Prize!

You're a different Cassandra, right? Anyway, that's easy — whack Connor. He may have dibs on the Prize, but I'm running the lottery.

(right) That other Highlander.

Have you ever seen Stonehenge (since it is about 2000 years old)? What's your theory on how it got there?
Cynthia Irwin

Lego for Silas.

And actually, it's 4800 years old. Almost as old as me. There aren't too many things I can say that about!

Silas' toys

I was wondering, why did you leave the Horsemen?

Raping and pillaging loses its entertainment value after a thousand years or so, along with Caspian's cooking, pet-sitting for Silas, and enduring Kronos' long-winded (and unimaginative) speeches about world domination.

If you weren't an Immortal and were a regular guy in the 90s, what profession would you want to take up?

A Watcher — if you can't be them, watch them. Actually, I'd like to be Joe — scholar... musician... bar owner! But ssshhh, don't tell him that. He'll never let me live it down.

What is your favorite Queen song?

Favorites: "Princes of the Universe" (!!!), "We are the Champions," "Bohemian Rhapsody." Least favorite: "Who Wants to Live Forever?" That question doesn't bear asking.

When in doubt — think? When in doubt, you have done too much thinking!
Greg Powers

You obviously don't have that problem.

In "Methos," were you really offering your head? Most thought so, but as you said yourself in "The Messanger": "He may have offered it because he knew you wouldn't take it." Is that it — you knew Mac wouldn't take it and just wanted to get him to like you and/or trust you? Did you know he could beat Kalas without your head?
Dragon Slayer

See, the problem with keeping your head (literally and figuratively) in stressful situations is that when the situations are resolved, where does all the pent-up emotion go?

I won't tease you about opera anymore. Promise.

(right) Not one of my brighter ideas.

Sometimes it leads me to make incredibly bad decisions... Having to face Kalas after avoiding other Immortals for 200 years was quite a shock. Of course, I knew MacLeod probably wouldn't take my head, but no one is 100% predictable. Not even MacLeod. Kalas had killed one of his best friends (Fitzcairn), so he really wanted Kalas dead. Given that, risking my neck to gain his trust was insane — especially since MacLeod already seemed to like me, and I hadn't given him any reason to mistrust me at that point. That's not a mistake I'll make again. (What d'you mean, I'll find new ones to make, Joe?)

Other times, the emotions just come out in a flood... Like crying on Amanda's shoulder after she forced me to fight her.

And when I've had an especially rough time, I'll both stop thinking clearly and become and emotional wreck... Giving MacLeod my impression of the Great Flood and not really caring that Cassandra was standing over me with Silas' ax.

I knew the Bard too. Guess who was the inspiration for Romeo? Why are you laughing?

(right) A good place to get away from it all.

That's why, when I feel emotionally vulnerable, I try to withdraw. Like spending 10 years or so sorting papers in the cellar of Shakespeare & Co. after Alexa died. Or heading to Katmandu to figure out whether my loyalties should be with Immortals or Watchers. (I still think it's unfair that I have to choose.) Or taking off after Duncan killed Richie. Getting away to spend time by myself is just a lot safer than staying in situations where I'm likely to make some bad error in judgment and/or show some embarrassing display of emotion in front of my friends (or other less sympathetic people).

Whew! That was a long answer, wasn't it?

What is it like to play Methos?
Jennie Squires

Hey, I play Adam Pierson. Methos is who I am.

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