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Words of wisdom


OK... my nostrils are big.


It's good to keep busy.

Richie: [About Kristin] We have this thing between us, Mac. It's like — like an electrical connection. Why can't you understand that?
Me: They didn't have electricity when he knew her.

[On having kids] You do your best, teach 'em what you know, try and show 'em the right path, and then they just have to get on with it.

And I thought it was safe because Mac left the katana at home.

Me: A couple of medieval songwriters come up with the idea of chivalry one rainy day... and you embrace it as a lifestyle. You live and die by a code of honor that was trendy when you were a kid.
Duncan: Would you rather that I had no code of honor at all?
Me: I would rather you survived. You put that first.

Duncan: Do you think it's easy killing a woman that you've held in your arms, a woman that you've made love to?
Me: Take it from me, it's easier than dying. (Eurominutes)

Someone's been eating a LOT of beans.

Me: I didn't last 5000 years by worrying about anyone but myself.
Duncan: Really? Could have fooled me.

Talk about the blind leading the visually challenged!

Kristin: Who the hell are you?
Me: A man who was born long before the Age of Chivalry.

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