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Words of wisdom

Comes a Horseman

Look, a cavity! You've been eating too many jelly donuts, brother.

It was a selfless act in the interests of historical accuracy.

Who the hell is Chubby Checker in the grand scheme of things?

I may not know who Chubby Checker is, but I know when it's time to disappear.

Kronos: [after stabbing me] How are you feeling?
Me: Like I left my heart in San Francisco.

I told you to shop at  IKEA for your decorating needs.

I just passed through my angry adolescence a little quicker than you, Kronos.

We're none of us perfect.

I'm all for choices.

You live because I wish it. And you stay alive as long as you please me... I am Methos. You live to serve me. Never forget that.

It's nice to feel wanted.

The times were different, MacLeod. I was different. The whole bloody world was different, okay?

Help me, Duncan! Kronos wants to be my dentist.

I killed. But I didn't just kill fifty, I didn't kill a hundred. I killed a thousand. I killed ten thousand. And I was good at it. And it wasn't for vengeance. It wasn't for greed. It was because... I liked it. [giggle] Cassandra was nothing. Her village was nothing. Do you know who I was? I was Death. [laugh] Death — Death on a horse. When mothers warned their children that the monster would get them, that monster was me. I was the nightmare that kept them awake at night. Is that what you want to hear?! The answer is yes, oh yes.

Revelation 6:8

So do you think I'll win the part of the genie in Aladdin?

I've been spending too much time in cities. (Eurominutes)

Have you read Aristotle's Poetics? No, of course not. You haven't even seen Casablanca. What is the first rule of great drama? Start small and build.

I have been many things, MacLeod.

The world was how we made it.

The world doesn't change. Not in 500 years. Not in 5000. It's only the details that change. (Eurominutes)

Stockholm Syndrome. It's like Patty Hearst. Hostages come to rely on their captors for food, for approval, and they fall in love.

Like you said, I go with the winner.

I killed Silas! I liked Silas!

We were brothers, in arms and blood and everything except birth, and if I judged him worthy to die, then I judged myself the same way.

Duncan: What about Cassandra?
Me: One of a thousand regrets, MacLeod.

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