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Words of wisdom

What's wrong with my hair?

The Modern Prometheus

Byron: I think the good doctor grows weary of our entertainment.
Me: As spectator, surely. As participant, never!

There are some questions about life that only the dead can answer.

Perhaps... death is not truly journey's end but just another turn in the road. If we believe that, we can live without fear.

That's not the way to cure an earache.

Byron: I say we take her [Mary Shelley] and push the bounds of our passion to heaven itself.
Me: And I say we leave before we push the bounds of decency.

[To Byron] I would rather have your poetry than your head.

Duncan: He's [Byron] an arrogant son of a bitch.
Me: A lot of geniuses are.

To make great music, you have to experience life... Sometimes the man is not as strong as the music.

I'm telling ya, Doc — frilly shirts are in again.

Me: Still lacerating the help, I see.
Byron: It's good being a star.

Byron: Do you want a tombstone that says, "He lived for centuries"? Or do you want one that says, "For centuries he was alive"?
Me: You're not listening to me. I don't want a tombstone.

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