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"I am very old and wise."

Words of wisdom

Methuselah's Gift
Through a Glass Darkly
Till Death
Judgment Day/One Minute to Midnight
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Forgive Us Our Trespasses
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Words of wisdom

Till Death

Aaahhh... green tea is a great cure for constipation.

I wouldn't stay in any hotel that Adam Pierson could afford.

I was married 67 — no, 68 times... Never one of us though. That would be too much of a commitment for me to make.

You have to love someone a hell of a lot to be with them 300 years.

I haven't felt guilt since the 11th century.

I don't care how many sweet nothings you whisper in my ear. I'm not going out with you.

Do I look like an actor?

I want to see me live happily ever after...

Here comes hip, feint, hip, thrust, jump back.

Where's your sense of drama?

Getting between a married couple, it's a rule I haven't broken for 2000 years.

So I lose my head after 5000 years so that you can play marriage guidance counselor. I must have been out of my mind!

Did Mac put that "kick me" sign on my back again?

If I'm gonna die, you're gonna pay me for it.

I figured that probably everyone would give them something unique, so I went with a toaster.

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