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Words of wisdom

The Valkyrie

Let me guess — a bird just flew overhead.

Duncan: I figured a place like this [boxing club] would keep the kids off the street.
Me: Oh, I can see that's really important. Because out on the streets, you can get hurt.

If they carry a sword and I haven't been fully introduced, I get shy.

I'm not a big fan of blood sports. (Eurominutes)

Duncan: There are times I really don't like you.
Me: It's okay. Sometimes I don't like myself.

Then you add a pinch of cinamon and bake for 20 minutes...

History makes men... Men don't make history. I'm talking about the time, okay? The zeitgeist, to quote the Germans. If it hadn't been a little painter from Austria, it would have been someone else.

Whatever you need: doctor, lawyer, Indian chief. I've got paperwork to cover it all.

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